Montreal Airport Guide to Montreal Airport - YUL

Montreal Airport Services

YUL Airport has a single and large Terminal divided in four parts which offers a wide number of Services and Facilities as follows:

- High-speed WiFi access
- Digital books platform
- Dutty free
- Restaurants
- Bars
- Cafés
- Boutiques
- Luggage trolleys
- Lost & Found
- Exhibitions
- Planespotting
- Prayer Area
- Automated teller machines
- Post office
- Smoking areas
- Special needs (persons with reduced mobility, hearing and visually impaired)
- Nursing rooms


Montreal Airport Lounges

Desjardins Odyssey Lounge: A restricted area located in the International area (Gate 63). Anyone can have access to this lounge traveling to an international or to a domestic destination, and there is no need of reservation.

The lounge space provides a relaxing atmosphere with about 160 seats.

Passengers can have this privileged access to the lounge buying the Odyssey Desjardins card and the boarding pass and you’ll have the following services:

- Refreshments and appetizers
- Wines, beers and spirits
- International newspapers and magazines
- WiFi access
- USB charging ports
- Flight information screens
- Children’s corner (with touch screens, games and books)


Dutty free – The Loop:

Yet another restricted also located in the International area next to Gate 63.

You’ll find Duty free store, from fashion accessories to many types of chocolates.

If you wish you can order your dutty free items in advance online, so you will just to pick them up at the Airport, saving money and time.


National Bank Lounge:

A restricted area located in the International area, right next to Gate 53. It is the newest lounge of Montreal Airport sponsored by the National Bank for passengers flying to an international destination or in Canada.

Passengers can have access to it showing the National Bank World Elite MD or World Mastercard MD to have access (passenger + a guest).

For the passengers who don’t have these cards it is possible to book in advance through Swissport operator.

The National Bank Lounge offers the following services:

- Complimentary drinks and snacks
- Free WiFi
- A wide number of International newspapers and magazines

Other lounges:

- Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge: Location: Domestic Departures (Gate 3), Transborder Departures (Gate 73), International Departures (Gate 52).

- Air France KLM Lounge: Location: International Departures, Gate 57. Please note that this lounge is only for Air France and KLM passengers.

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Smoking area

Please note that according to official regulations, Montreal Airport Terminal is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the terminal building and apron.

There are special designated areas where smoking is permitted.

Location: Facing the terminal.


Post office

Mailboxes are located throughout the terminal, while stamps are sold at the Maison de la Presse newsstands.


Lost & found

Have you lost any item within Montreal Airport facilities? Lost items can be retrieved at the airport cloakroom.

For further information, please contact: +1 (514) 633-2076 / +1 (514) 633-2077


For lost items on aircraft, please contact your airline.


Prayer area

Multi-faith prayer area and reflection room are at passengers’ disposal in Montreal Airport.

Find them at the transborder, U.S., Departures Area.


Nursing rooms

Nusing rooms are adjacent to the restrooms located at the terminal. Those are equipped with chair, sink, microwave oven and changing table.


Art exhibitions

The Aérogalerie Art Program has the aim to support local Montreal’s artists and cultural development.

Art exhibitions can be found throughout the airport:

- Arrivals Baggage claim area (various artists)
- U.S. Departures Area (illumintated columns in public areas)
- Passenger return and international arrivals corridors (photos, an integrated light installation by Alex Morgenthaler)
- Permanent collection throught Montreal Airport Terminal.