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Montreal Airport Terminal

In this page you’ll find information about Montreal Airport’s Terminal.

Montreal Airport has a single and large terminal with three Concourses, A, B and C, called jetties.

In 2016 the terminal underwent an upgrading and expansion which granted an extension of the international jetty including six additional boarding gates and a new commercial area. The domestic jetty added a new commercial area too.


Montreal Airport Terminal is divided in the following four parts:

- Public area: This area is for both passengers and visitors, with restricted VIP areas.
Services: ATMs

- International Area: International flights depart and arrive here. Boarding gates 47-68.
Services: ATM machines and several more services and facilities

- Domestic Area: Domestic arrivals and departures. Boarding gates 1-15 and 17-30 are located here.
Services: Currency exchange, ATM machines and several more services and facilities

- Transborder Area: For EU and US connected flights, with boarding gates 72-89. There is a new international arrivals complex, a customs hall and baggage claim area, 2 separate concourses (jetties), one for US flights and another one for International flights. Airline ticket counters are near their check-in counters on the Departures area.

Flight status

See the flight status in Montreal Airport here.


Montreal Airport Terminal provides passengers with several more services and faciliies:

- Self-service kiosks
- Luggage tag printer
- Information desk
- Foreign exchange office
- ATM machines
- Hotel reservation desk
- Payment station
- Cafés and bars
- Restaurants
- Flower shop
- Restricted Lounges
- Transport connections
- Parking access areas
- Car rental desks

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Montreal Airport Terminal has at their passengers’ disposal the following lounges:

- Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge: Location: Domestic Departures (Gate 3), Transborder Departures (Gate 73), International Departures (Gate 52).

- National Bank Lounge: Location: International Departures, Airside, Gate 53.

- Salon Odyssée Desjardins: Location: Intrrnational Departures, Gate 63.

- Air France KLM Lounge: Location: International Departures, Gate 57. Please note that this lounge is only for Air France and KLM passengers.

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